IAL Toscana
Name of the person involved in the event:
Cristina Zini, general secretary of CISL Scuola Toscana (Cisl's school federation)
Date of the event:
13 November 2012 - 13 November 2012
Type of Dissemination event:
Informative Mailing
Description of Dissemination Event:
Phone call and mail containing information about Stay at school project.
Target group:
Regional CISL Scuola members and collaborators. As CISL Scuola Toscana represents a huge number of teachers, it can be interesting to disseminate Stay at school project among them.
Number of people reached by event:
Held in:
Firenze, Italy
Outcomes and Results:
We hope that CISL Scuola Toscana can actively disseminate the project results.
Supporting Documents: