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This section of the web site gives the access to the products developed by the teachers involved in the [email protected] project and are addressed to students in order to raise awareness on the issue of early school leaving

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Active Diary Guidelines

All the educative community is involved in the “activity”: the school board, the teachers, the tutors and counsellors, the students and their families. Each one has a specific role:

At least two students will be pointed for each subject. They will be students with particularly like the subject and with good organizational skills.

Role of these students: become “experts” with the tutor’s help at the assisted study time.

They must have an active role in this process and must be coordinated with the tutors. The students must get a clear idea of
  • The best way to reinforce their learning of the subject’s content
  • How is he going to be assessed
  • What does the teacher expect from him

Teacher’s role: Make clear every day what are they going to do at class, how are they going to work, when and how (criteria) are they going to be assessed.

A workshop for families will be organised at the beginning of the academic year to explain them the methodology and their role.

Families role: Management of the planning of the work at home, coordinated with the tutor.

He is the manager of the whole learning process. He coordinates students, teachers and families, having direct contact with all of them.

Role of the Tutor: Organize the assisted study time at the school:
  • planning the work at the agenda
  • preparing group study activities (using collaborative techniques with learning circuits among students)
  • preparing, together with the students, the global monthly planning
  • Reinforce the individual planning of the students who need support
  • Work with families and teachers on specific improvement actions

The whole activity is based on a planning diary adapted to the situation and needs of these type of students (on drop put risk)

The idea is making the student follow the steps that will lead him to:
  • Daily supervision and registration of what it’s been done at class
  • Finalise the assignments. Complementary activities.
  • Do the unfinished work/study

Download the Active Diary Guidelines

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