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Project's Description
A common challenge for the European school systems is the prevention of early school leaving.
The aim of the Stay@School project is to transfer the successful experience of the School Inclusion project providing European school teachers with the necessary skills to prevent early school leaving.
Target Groups
The project aims to involve 140 secondary school teachers based in Italy, Belgium, Romania and Spain.

The project main activities are:

A) Teachers Involvement

Involvement of 140 secondary school teachers in the 4 European countries


  • Creation of a network of 140 teachers involved in the prevention of early school leaving

B) Improvement of the School Inclusion Portal

Review, update and complete the School Inclusion Portal.


  • Insertion of new data in the database of publications on the topic of scholastic drop out
  • Further collection of direct experiences of teachers in preventing and tackling the early school leaving
  • Creation of a collection of reviews of training courses for teachers on the topic of the prevention of early school leaving
  • Translation of the training course on the prevention of early school leaving available on the School Inclusion Portal

C) Testing

Delivery of the online training course on the prevention of early school leaving to 140 school teachers


  • Acquisition by school teachers of the skills to prevent and tackle early school leaving

D) Development of educational materials

Involvement of teachers in hands-on experience (learning by doing) aimed to test the skills and abilities acquired during the course, through the creation of education materials on the prevention of early school leaving


  • Collection of educational products on the prevention of early school leaving
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