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This section of the web site gives the access to the products developed by the teachers involved in the [email protected] project and are addressed to students in order to raise awareness on the issue of early school leaving

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Campaign on preventing school dropout

“THE LOST CASE” from a short story to a video clip

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We Want S.E.X. (School Expectation Xperience)

Aim of the study was to verify how the reorganization of vocational schools has had an impact on how students “lived” school, especially those students who already had great difficulty in relating to this environment and with a commitment to study. The reorganization of vocational schools doesn't allow to those who wish to achieve the qualification at the end of the third year, to get a degree. Moreover, in recent years, the number of incoming students in the second or third year has increased, so we felt the need to try to understand the reasons why these pupils apply for a school change after two years spent in other schools.

We have worked on third year classes, to see how many of them have had an impact on the reorganization of vocational schools, pupils are already aware of their choices and their future intentions, they know quite enough about that environment to be able to critically analyze it. 9% of them, then, comes from school experiences lived in other institutes.

This project has been conceived as a reference tool to be suggested – all or part of it - to the students of the first two years to foster reflection, debate and discussion on their own situation and school experience compared to issues of those who had lived the same situations before.

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