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Exploitation > Associated Partners
As a result of the exploitation activity a number of associated partners officially joined the project in order to contribute to the improvement of the project impact on their target groups and to ensure the project sustainability by continuing using the project deliverables in the next years. Associated partners also belong to countries not involved in the contractual partnership.

The project associated partners are:

Name of the organisation

Type of Institution

AMO AMOS Non profit organization Belgium
Observatory on violence at school (General management of compulsory education) Public Authority Belgium
AMO Service Droit des Jeunes No Profit Association Belgium
Association “Liège Demain” No Profit Organisation Belgium
Associazione dei Laziali Nel Mondo - BENELUX No profit association Belgium
Université de Paix asbl Association Belgium
HELMo CFEL Educator training center Belgium
Service de Médiation Scolaire en Wallonie (School Mediation Service in Wallonia) Service of DGEO (General management of compulsory education) Belgium
CPMS Libre - Huy 1 Public service Belgium
ADESIO – Diocese Office of Liège Non-profit organisation Belgium
Zinev Art Technologies Consulting company Bulgaria
RegioVision GmbH Schwerin Institution of education and project management Germany
Arbeit und Leben DGB/VHS NW e.V. Adult education institution Germany
TEI of Messolongi, eBusiness Lab Non Profit Organisation Greece
Accademia Europea di Firenze No profit organization Italy
Adelante Soc. Coop. Soc. Onlus Social Cooperative Italy
Agenzia Formativa Per-Corso snc Training Agency Italy
AICQ-TL (Associazione Italiana Cultura Qualità Tosco Ligure) No profit association Italy
Anolf Toscana Volontiar Association Italy
Art-tu Social Association Italy
ASEV Agenzia per lo Sviluppo Empolese Valdelsa SpA Vocational training centre organisation Italy
A.V.P. Associazione Volontariato Penitenziario No Profit Association Italy
Centro Studi La Base di San Lorenzo Company Italy
Centro Studi Pluriversum S.R.L. Career Counceling Company Italy
Centro Studi Turistici No Profit Association Italy
Cescot Firenze srl Training agency Italy
CFP – CNOS – FAP Manfredini Training Insitution Italy
Coop 22 – Coop sociale Onlus ONG Italy
Cooperativa Maia Cooperative Italy
Ente Bilaterale Turismo Toscano Association Italy
“Essere…Insieme – Sezione di Mestre” Volunteering Association Italy
Giunti O.S. Organizzazioni Speciali Publishing Company Italy
“Gruppo Vulcano” ONLUS Volunteering association Italy
IC Studio Trainign Agency, Consultancy, Italy
IFOA – Istituto Formazione Operatori Aziendali Training Centre Italy
IIS “Einaudi-Scarpa” High School, Italy
Il Sestante Cooperativa Sociale arl ONLUS NGO Italy
Irecoop Emilia Romagna Vocational Training Centre Italy
IRECOOP Toscana Training center Italy
I.R.P.E.A. (Istituti Riuniti Padovani di Educazione e Assistenza) Foundation Italy
Istituto Comprensivo Montebelluna 2 Public School Italy
La Casa sull’Albero Volunteering Association Italy
La Dimora Società Cooperativa Sociale Vocational training centre Italy
Opera Santa Rita Foundation Italy
Pane&Rose Scs Onlus Social Non-Profit Cooperative Italy
PIN SCRL – Servizi Didattici e Scientifici per l'università di Firenze Consortium Italy
Province of Prato Local Authority Italy
Scuola Edile Lucchese Training Agency Italy
SIM – Scuola Italiana di Mentoring Privata Italy
Sinergie Association Italy
Smile Toscana Training Agency Italy
Solidarieta’ e Cooperazione (SO&CO) Consorzio DI Cooperative Sociali Consortium of Social Cooperatives Italy
Sophia Scarl Training Agency Italy
University of Siena – University Centre for innovation and quality in Public Administration _ UnisiPA University Italy
Istituto di Istruzione superiore ”Artemisia Gentileschi” Public high school Italy
Istituto Professionale Marconi Public School Italy
Solidarieta’ e cooperazione (so&co) consorzio di cooperative sociali Consortium of Social Cooperatives Social Enterprise Italy
Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Informatics, Multimedia Engineering Department University Lithuania
Instituto Politécnico De Castelo Branco (IPCB) Higher Education Institution Portugal
ACCESS Language Centre Language Centre Romania
EuroEd Parents Association Parents Association Romania
Iasi Teacher Training Department Public local authority Romania
Iasi County Centre for Resources and Educational Assistance Public local authority Romania
Liceul “Alexandru cel Bun” Botoșani Education Romania
Prosper-ASE Language Centre Language Centre Association Romania
Soros Educational Center Foundation NGO Company Romania
Shakespeare Educational SRL Private Company Romania
The Romanian Association for Quality Language Services QUEST Romania Association Romania
Vaslui Teacher Training Department Public local authority Romania
Vaslui County School Inspectorate School Inspectorate Romania
AKOE Educació Coop V Cooperative Spain
Amics Youth Center Association Spain
Centro de Acogida de Menores Casa Don Bosco Association Spain
Escuela2 SCV Teaching Cooperative Spain
La Nostra Escola Comarcal School Spain
Marti Sorolla School Spain
Projecte d’Alimentació Infantil Niquía ONG Spain
UCEV Federation of Cooperatives of Education Spain
Valencia University University Spain
Kırıkkale University Department of Primary Education University Turkey
Sakarya University Institute of Educational Sciences University Turkey
University of Wolverhampton University United Kingdom
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